Sunday, September 16, 2012

Super Junior’s Pets!! ^^

Annyeong!! ahh, had long not posting anymore. This time I want to talk about Pets jamming its Member Super Junior. Curious kann? hehehe ~ yes I know for sure many know already, but it's not one I'm posting? kkkk ~ owkay! check this out!! ^ ^
1. HanJayHeeBum 

HanJayHeeBum better known as Heebum. The name was taken from the combined name of Hangeng, Jay (Trax), Heechul and Kibum. Is a Russian Blue cat race. Heebum a mascot for Super Junior. Heebum really exist in cyberspace * widdiih!, Because the owner has always existed and always carry Heebum if you want selca. Heechul Heebum pet. Reportedly Heebum if more jealous because another animal merhatiin Heechul he's going on a hunger strike and miaow. Even once until escape from dorm, but fortunately back again.

2. Champagne

Champagne Heechul's cat who just slept doang * works * and carers ckckck none other than the Heebum * ciyee, so sweet ^ ^

3. Bangshin

Bangsin last Heechul's cat. Bangsin Heebum no less existent, since Donghae and Siwon never selca together Bangsin. Now Bangsin've thrown together T__T bangsin Heechul * poor *. Not because it is too troublesome Bangsin committee, but Bangsin always win Heebum food rations, so lately Heebum become increasingly thin and not enlarged. By karen that, Heechul 'throw' Bangsin & Heebum prefer. * Heebum always no.1 ^ ^

4. Hyaku

Hyaku in Japanese means 100 years. Sungmin hope this cat could be 100 years old. whaoww: O

5. Sen

Mon cat of Sungmin too.

6. Ali

Ali Sungmin who owned dogs damage hobby goods ranging from bed linen to a remote bite: p

7. Ari

Ari, manifold Yorkshire Terrier Dog dog whose hobby is also same like Ali, damaging belongings Sungmin. * poor minnie *

8. Ddangkoma

Ddangkoma, Another mascot of Super Junior * lol ^ ^. Usually a member of Super Junior cats / dogs for so pet, but Yesung turtle prefers to be pet. Although small, the price is very expensive Ddangkoma, about 2.4 million dollars Oo * whow! *

9. Ddangkoming dan Ddangkomaeng

Ddangkoming dan Ddangkomaeng, represents 2 turtles purchased to accompany Ddangkoma ┒ Yesung.

10. Kkoming

Kkoming, Black Pomeranian-type dog who purchased Yesung to keep the family tortoise. * Aigoo, oppaaa. _. *

11. Bada dan Meo

Bada dan Meo, West Highland Terrier type dogs belonging Donghae white, cute, and funny ^ o ^

12. Jiu Wei Hu

Jiu Wei Hu Donghae's dog the other * I dont dapet more info about this animal

13. Choco

Choco, another maskot of Super Junior. Choco, Eunhyuk's dog. Not want to lose from Heebum, Choco always exist selca same owner, Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk always buy and dress cute clothes for Choco \(´▽`)/

14. Ddabong

Ddabong, Ryewook's dog. Wookie actually afraid of dogs, but when look in ddabong direct Wookie dear. But when the adoption, Ddabong already weak physical condition. Even though Wookie already jamming after him with care and loving, Ddabong ill and died T___T

15. Teunshirie

Teunshirie After Ddabong died, Wookie buy another dog as a pet ^ ^

16. Beckham

Beckham, The new family of Super Junior. A pet dog owned by Siwon ^ ^

Well, this post about Suju's Pets are done!! I love this pic of his bonus

Done ... ^ ^ how? funny whether their pet?? Funny yaaaa ^^