Tuesday, September 18, 2012

SuJu Members Pets Kim HeeChul

Heenim, (known as Kim Heechul) proved to be the first person who had the most affection. Although Heenim is a person who likes inconsiderate and a bit grumpy but actually he is a good man, we see Heenim as stubborn but shed tears flowing when she saw a blind girl "Ye Eun" playing piano. Seeing how busy Heenim, he would set aside time to write diaries about Heebum (Kim Heechul's Russian blue cat). And in an episode in "Intimate Notes" seeing how he expressed his guilt and apologized to Eunhyuk. The most valuable to Heenim is Insensitive Siamese cat and Heebum (full title Han J Fan) * a Russian blue cat, but since Insensitive went, Heebum become arrogant and even Hangeng's Pomeranian, Rong Rong has to respect him as well. It could be concluded who favored more means higher degree.

SJ member No.14th Heebum, which have the most beautiful appearance not far from Heenim, one having silver glory blue with a superficial knowledge, a gem clear green eye, slender four feet, and one that always made ​​us gasp because admiration is , Heebum have features such as foreign cat, when looked deeper Heebum not lose sight of its purity (oriental), this may arguably be "thing resembles main human form" (something like the main man), because Heenim is the Greek or oriental race could also take the words of a stranger or half-breed.
The Russian blue cat also known as "Cat aristocracy", the lost Siamese cat was awarded as the "prince" this reputation among the world's known cat, supplementary Heechul is his princess, and also Yesung called the fansya as "cloud", can be seen that SJ are not just as loving group but also as a royal court day group.

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