Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kpop idols and their Pets Super Cute (Part 1)

Similarity Korean artists and other overseas artists is they both like animals, recently many Korean artists mengepost photo-photo-animal their pet restrictions at various sites such as Cyworld, me2day, and Twitter. The lucky animals can eat, sleep, play and do a lot with the owner who is a Korean artist and a lot of you know that the animals are jealous ... if I do not want to be animals anyway coz i want to be a man who could always be by his side hi ~ ... and these are some pictures pet and its owner. and who are they??
Lee Hyo Ri & Her Cats Mi Mi & Sooni
Idol Pet-1
Lee Hyori has 2 cats are very cute and both these cats always look to her mama.

Kim Hyung Joon & His Dog Cchoko ♥

Idol Pet-2
poodlenya dog is named choco and has been owned by hyung joon for 2 years and pictures uploaded by Hyung Joon.
SHINee and Their Dogs “Eve” and “Coco”
Idol Pet-3
Taemin and Key have 2 angjin ... and the dog is held by Taemin poodle named eve got key while held by key also is bertype Yorkshire Terrier dog named "Coco".
JYJ’s Yoochun & His Dogs “Harangie” and “Norae”
Idol Pet-4
Idol Pet-5
Yoochun: let's look at me ....

the below is the photo as a child Norae.
Idol Pet-6 
Santa Norae :D
JYJ’s Jae Joong & His Cat “Ji Ji”
Idol Pet-7 
ga bad sleeping on JJ jiji ???
Idol Pet-8 
JJ: Let us pictures jiji
JYJ’s Junsu & His Cats “Tigger,” “Leo,” “Lee On,” “Bakira,” and “Pard”
Idol Pet-9
Idol Pet10 
Tiger -hp widih his many euy …-
Idol Pet-11 
Idol Pet-12
Lee On -lee joon wrote rules …upss…-
Idol Pet-13 
Idol Pet-14 

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