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Pets Members Suju Yesung

Among the members of SJ, Yesung are the most unusual, not just relationships with others, sense of humor is different, then it is understood that he was called Weirdo. With his voice husky, causes Yesung, in Super Junior are many handsome men, feel the eksistensian it is not so pronounced. But, like Yesung (artist of the same name) is the same name, as long as Yesung opens his mouth to sing, you will never be possible to ignore its existence, without Yesung, might not be there SJ.
Yesung the quiet, likes to spend his time in his room with a book or borrow a DVD, the Active Yesung, there will always be a strange idea, and always moving to and fro, or buy nice clothes, she's always underestimated. Maybe it's because Yesung is different from the others, unlike the other members who have cats and dogs are cute, but instead he has a turtle named "Ddangkoma" (if at translate means "small runt"). Ddangkoma and cloud (Yesung nickname) is almost the same, from the eyes, personality, and Yesung have a small voice as well (ie: have you ever heard of a turtle-cia p menciap like a bird?) In episode Yesung revealed: "When I saw Heechul hyung was thrilled when raising a kucuing, I also want to have a pet to kill my sense of loneliness, but I did not expect. when I raised my Ddangkoma added feel lonely because Ddangkoma too quiet ".

Yesung pets

Kkoming, dog recently maintained by Yesung. Photo is a photo of pets besides Yesung.

You know not ... if the blue turtles besides resemble very same turtle mine .... namany little klengo .... hahaha ....
Yesung definitely stereotyped me .... ^ ^ hahaha

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pets Animal Member Suju Sungmin

See rabbits and dogs are very friendly to each other is common, but rabbits can keep the dog very unusual. In SJ group, there was a handsome bunny named Sung Min, who are raising a dog named Ali, Yorkshire, and there is also another Dachshund adopted in the name of Ari from Animal Farm.
Name Ali captured the original Korean name means "Fighting," Although Ali naughty, never bite the sheets and damage the remote, but still Sungm in treating Ali with affection. For Ari, adopted by Sungmin and Ryeowook of Animal Farm. Compared Ddabong sad, Ari is very healthy, and very agile, but also the most frequent cause problems elsewhere, such as poop, pee, and even climbed to Lee Teuk bed and urinated on it. Although both "baby" makes Sungmin headache, but in the hearts Sungmin is very fond of her. When Princess disappeared, Sungmin look patiently getting nowhere, like a father looking for his son. He was like a father to dog owners who are very diligent and talented, Ali and Ari would have been very happy yah!

Pets Animal Member Suju Donghae

Always felt that Donghae with comic actor Kudo, "Detective Conan" is similar, with a smart look, especially when in "Full House" to see Donghae playing football in these scenes, Xiaobian very sure of that.
Many say that Donghae is a prince, no one looks a little more like Donghae Donghae, but Donghae temperament like a good neighbor next door, or the like at school, the senior brother cool. But whatever he wanted, the fairies still liked the hardworking Donghae.

Donghae has three dogs, named Bada, Meo, and the Jiuwei Hu *, with a small voice, not too revealed. But Bada and M eo often appear, and very popular in the hearts of the fans. Bada and Meo is a West Highland Terrier, small and has a perfect body size, character gentle, lively, humor can attract loyalty pemuliknya and very cheerful, like a small child who can not grow their own and always sticking to a person, not surprised when Bada and Meo are Donghae favorite.
West Highland White Terrier is a pleasant companion, perfect for a family who loves dogs, has a small body, followed by Scottish Terrier natural character, loyalty and strong determination. They are outside dogs are treated very nice, agility smart, very smart, all of which are indoor pets, faithful, they have meaning and dedication, but also nimble and enthusiastic.
* I'm not sure about that.

Pets Members Suju Ryeowook

If you do not put Ryeowook in second place, I am afraid of the possibility of the entire ELF will parade from street to street to protest. Besides Ryeowook have unusual electronic instruments and sounds that can make people interested. Moreover, supported by a shy and gentle personality. Ryeowook is a gentle and caring, standard as a "house husband", and will adjust your diet and also dongsaengnya hyung, and will pay attention to daily from kakak2nya also adik2nya. As in Japan the Hachiko *, waited patiently for Lee Teuk in the elevator to go down. If you've ever watch "Exploring Human Body ep.13, Ryeowook is the person who is afraid of dogs, even so he still adopting Teunshil and Ddabong because it is better not to let the dog compassionately let alone without a backrest anyone.
Ddabong is a Yorkshire Terrier, although Ddabong very funny, but Ddabong be neglected, and the physical increasingly weak because Ddabong've been living on the streets and become moribund. Ryeowook is keeping Ddabong well, Ddabong fever Ryeowook tried to reduce the heat by fanning, fearing that would Ddabong fever, Ryeowook chose not to use the air conditioning (AC). However, Ddabong was lying on a hospital chair, Ryeowook lowered his head for a long time and did not speak a word. Maybe dkarenakan the news that he was not believed and he (ryeowook) be a shock could not say anything, it is also possible guilt to the point that he could not talk, or maybe there was something in his throat so he did not open his mouth, we can not speculate how Ryeowook feelings at that time, although very short time Ddabong, Ryeowook has paid for it with a feeling that he gave to Ddabong.

Hankyung has 3 children (child? Lho emang cocoa han yak is marriage? Hehe kidding) - Maomao, Rong Rong and Rider. Maomao and rider are both Pomeranian, Husky Rider is kind of healthy cats and nice. From the third, the most popular is the second son, Rong Rong. With a handsome appearance makes a lot of criticism here and there, but a lot of people who try to Heebum Rong Rong (Kim Heechul's precious cat) are animal models that can interact with each other. The fact was Heebum can coexist with Rong Rong is the animals who live entirely as husband and wife Hanchul, Heebum always provoke Rong Rong, Rong Rong always ignore Heebum but if tolerance of Rong Rong already exceed the limit he goes berserk. But Heebum smart, he'll stay away from first and wait Rong Rong Rong Rong feel anger subsides, if it subsides, then Heebum will attack again.

rong rong n heebum

Xiaobian believe when Rider and HanGeng most suitable. Among all animals his care, although Rong Rong has the "Dog Popularity" Rider not only has a handsome appearance as HanGeng, when compared with the handsomeness Pomeranian Rong Rong, more like like the style of government of the Government is soft and hairy.
Husky actually friendly, has a gentle personality as HanGeng, in one episode of "SJ Full House", HanGeng second treat women with very good living, without having to show that he was a big star, and always took the initiative to cook Beijing fried rice for its members. Further, Husky type dog very attentive and sociable, with a nature like that in the area will not be visible teritorynya supervision and will not raise the slightest suspicion of strangers, and will not attack other dogs. Intelligent, gentle, full napsu, and suitable to be used as a faithful partner.

SuJu Members Pets Kim HeeChul

Heenim, (known as Kim Heechul) proved to be the first person who had the most affection. Although Heenim is a person who likes inconsiderate and a bit grumpy but actually he is a good man, we see Heenim as stubborn but shed tears flowing when she saw a blind girl "Ye Eun" playing piano. Seeing how busy Heenim, he would set aside time to write diaries about Heebum (Kim Heechul's Russian blue cat). And in an episode in "Intimate Notes" seeing how he expressed his guilt and apologized to Eunhyuk. The most valuable to Heenim is Insensitive Siamese cat and Heebum (full title Han J Fan) * a Russian blue cat, but since Insensitive went, Heebum become arrogant and even Hangeng's Pomeranian, Rong Rong has to respect him as well. It could be concluded who favored more means higher degree.

SJ member No.14th Heebum, which have the most beautiful appearance not far from Heenim, one having silver glory blue with a superficial knowledge, a gem clear green eye, slender four feet, and one that always made ​​us gasp because admiration is , Heebum have features such as foreign cat, when looked deeper Heebum not lose sight of its purity (oriental), this may arguably be "thing resembles main human form" (something like the main man), because Heenim is the Greek or oriental race could also take the words of a stranger or half-breed.
The Russian blue cat also known as "Cat aristocracy", the lost Siamese cat was awarded as the "prince" this reputation among the world's known cat, supplementary Heechul is his princess, and also Yesung called the fansya as "cloud", can be seen that SJ are not just as loving group but also as a royal court day group.

Sungjoong "Infinite" As Pets?

Sungjong "Infinite" shows as his pet.

Her picture was recently displayed next to the photo of the animals at multiple sites and the fans loved it. It can be seen with the eye ya Sungjoong photo puppynya like Yorkshire Terriers and other photos with his white hair, he showed keimutannya that looks like a Persian cat.

The fans commented that he was really like a puppy and a kitten, funny, and even wanted to bite him! (omo ~ ~)

Sungjong himself lately Infinite is currently promoting new single "Nothing's Over".

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Hollywood Celebrities Special Pets

Special Pets-3
Treating pets like children and even his wife? weird anyway. . but this is what the Hollywood Celebrities do loh
You have a pet at home? Se si love what you guys were the same animal? Certainly not be able to love her nyaingin rich Hollywood celebrities Paris Hilton, Kristen Stewart, Torry Spelling to George Clooney who did treat her pets and even children already wealthy wife. Here Sister summarize some lucky animals were maintained with special hollywood artist.
Special Pets-2
Torry Spelling famous weve really like keep animals, ranging from cats, birds, and dogs, but he also has an unusual pet maintained by celebrities are goats and chickens. Just not the stable, even chickens belonging Torry's ever taken him kelilig streets of LA. Hemm .. tuh definitely very happy chickens.
Special Pets-1
Paris Hilton possess a pet named baby luv, the name was chosen because he thought it was a pet Kinkajou baby the sweetest he had ever met. Kinkajou glance looks like a combination between a squirrel and marmot. Hilton sring luv bring baby to the hospital for a check-up, shopping, or even care for her beloved baby luv it.

George Clooney much more extreme .. aja imagine this guy is considered a pet pig named Max who died in 2006, as someone who had met all his needs, even wedding needs. George Aduhh please deh! it's a pig.
If you liked that Courtney love turtles, for he maintains that animals have a shell that maintains rich rocks. Even this beloved tortoise always with Courtney in the move.
If girls usually love that cute dog. Kristen Stewart actually liked that dog hybrid wolf-like really the same. For the cast of Bella in the film Twiligh Saga, the wolf is one of the sweet animals, although seemingly a little scary. Kris, it is scary!.

14 Diseases Transmitted by Pets

Caring for pets provide benefits for a person's psychological condition, but you also need to be aware of the health risks that may be transmitted by your pet.

As MNN reported on Tuesday (11.09.12) there is a lot of risk of disease that can be transmitted through a bite or contact with pet feces, including the following:

1. Lyme disease
Lyme disease is an infection that attacks malignant immune system and can cause paralysis, encephalitis and meningitis. This condition is caused by a tick bite that normally live on animals such as mice, birds and deer.

Diseases Transmitted by Pets
Flea bite small red rash on the skin and does not hurt so many people do not realize it. The rash can be reduced or disappear within 1-2 weeks, and sometimes accompanied by high fever, muscle pain and swollen joints.

2. Psittacosis (Fever Bird)
Psittacosis is an infection caused by Chlamydia psittaci, a type of bacteria found in the droppings of birds that spread to humans. Infection in birds often have no symptoms.

In humans, psittacosis infection symptoms include cough with bloody sputum, dry cough, fatigue, fever and chills, headache, joint pain, muscle pain, and shortness of breath.

3. Cat Fever
The disease is caused by a mild infection in the wound cat scratches or bites by bacteria Bartonella henselae. Symptoms include swollen lymph nodes, fever, headache, decreased appetite and fatigue.

4. Pestilence
Bubonic plague is caused by the bite of ticks that are found in cats, house mice and other rodents. Symptoms of this disease are fever, anorexia, lethargy and swollen lymph nodes.

5. Q fever
Q fever bacterium Coxiella burnetii is caused by, the organism is found in the urine, milk and feces of infected animals, which usually occurs in cattle, goats, sheep or other house pets.

Bekteri is very strong and resistant to heat and disinfectants are common, so that they can survive for long periods in the environment. Infection occurs in humans when inhaled bekteri, biting fleas from pets or consuming unpasteurized dairy products.

Do not Sleep With Pets

Do not Sleep With Pets
As an employer, you want to pet a well maintained and comfortable. However, do not let them share a bed with you. Because pet diseases can also be transmitted to humans.
Jane Heller, veterinarian at the Charles Sturt University, said that there is always a risk for exchanging bacteria or parasites that can cause disease. This exchange can occur from animal to human or vice versa.

Heller advises pet owners to keep an eye on pets and ensure the cleanliness of the interactions between animals and humans has been quite safe and secure. Employers are also expected to address the wounds caused by bites or scratches pets properly so as not to cause infection.

"For a normal person with a healthy immune system, the risk of disease from pets is low, even if you sleep and exposed to bacteria from them. However this risk can be high for those who have low immune systems such as children, the elderly, pregnant women, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, or those with immune diseases such as HIV, "said Heller, as reported by the Times of India (24/08).

Heller recommends pet owners to always wash their hands after touching their pets. Especially before eating meals. In addition, the prepared food for animals and humans to discriminate and placed in a remote place.

"Nothing should be excessively wary of the risk of disease is transmitted from pets. Yet you also have to always be alert and know how to keep clean so as not to get infected by bacteria or parasites," added Heller.

In addition to maintaining the cleanliness on contact with pets, ensure cleanliness of the body and animal enclosures are also worth noting. Bacteria and parasites can grow in animals are dirty and unkempt.

Kpop idols and their Pets Super Cute (Part 1)

Similarity Korean artists and other overseas artists is they both like animals, recently many Korean artists mengepost photo-photo-animal their pet restrictions at various sites such as Cyworld, me2day, and Twitter. The lucky animals can eat, sleep, play and do a lot with the owner who is a Korean artist and a lot of you know that the animals are jealous ... if I do not want to be animals anyway coz i want to be a man who could always be by his side hi ~ ... and these are some pictures pet and its owner. and who are they??
Lee Hyo Ri & Her Cats Mi Mi & Sooni
Idol Pet-1
Lee Hyori has 2 cats are very cute and both these cats always look to her mama.

Kim Hyung Joon & His Dog Cchoko ♥

Idol Pet-2
poodlenya dog is named choco and has been owned by hyung joon for 2 years and pictures uploaded by Hyung Joon.
SHINee and Their Dogs “Eve” and “Coco”
Idol Pet-3
Taemin and Key have 2 angjin ... and the dog is held by Taemin poodle named eve got key while held by key also is bertype Yorkshire Terrier dog named "Coco".
JYJ’s Yoochun & His Dogs “Harangie” and “Norae”
Idol Pet-4
Idol Pet-5
Yoochun: let's look at me ....

Super Junior’s Pets!! ^^

Annyeong!! ahh, had long not posting anymore. This time I want to talk about Pets jamming its Member Super Junior. Curious kann? hehehe ~ yes I know for sure many know already, but it's not one I'm posting? kkkk ~ owkay! check this out!! ^ ^
1. HanJayHeeBum 

HanJayHeeBum better known as Heebum. The name was taken from the combined name of Hangeng, Jay (Trax), Heechul and Kibum. Is a Russian Blue cat race. Heebum a mascot for Super Junior. Heebum really exist in cyberspace * widdiih!, Because the owner has always existed and always carry Heebum if you want selca. Heechul Heebum pet. Reportedly Heebum if more jealous because another animal merhatiin Heechul he's going on a hunger strike and miaow. Even once until escape from dorm, but fortunately back again.

2. Champagne

Champagne Heechul's cat who just slept doang * works * and carers ckckck none other than the Heebum * ciyee, so sweet ^ ^

3. Bangshin

Bangsin last Heechul's cat. Bangsin Heebum no less existent, since Donghae and Siwon never selca together Bangsin. Now Bangsin've thrown together T__T bangsin Heechul * poor *. Not because it is too troublesome Bangsin committee, but Bangsin always win Heebum food rations, so lately Heebum become increasingly thin and not enlarged. By karen that, Heechul 'throw' Bangsin & Heebum prefer. * Heebum always no.1 ^ ^

4. Hyaku

Hyaku in Japanese means 100 years. Sungmin hope this cat could be 100 years old. whaoww: O

5. Sen

Mon cat of Sungmin too.

6. Ali

Ali Sungmin who owned dogs damage hobby goods ranging from bed linen to a remote bite: p

7. Ari

Ari, manifold Yorkshire Terrier Dog dog whose hobby is also same like Ali, damaging belongings Sungmin. * poor minnie *

8. Ddangkoma

Ddangkoma, Another mascot of Super Junior * lol ^ ^. Usually a member of Super Junior cats / dogs for so pet, but Yesung turtle prefers to be pet. Although small, the price is very expensive Ddangkoma, about 2.4 million dollars Oo * whow! *

10 KPOP Idol with a Beloved Pet

Want to see how our pet KPOP idol?
let’s check this out!

1. 2PM Junho’s Cat—Ggomaengi
Hummm ...... 2PM's Junho and his cat.

2PM Junho’s Cat

2. 2PM Chansung’s Cat—Junggam
Hummm ...... 2PM Chansung also cat lovers.

2PM Chansung’s Cat

3. Big Bang G-Dragon’s Dog—Gaho
Hummm ...... that is Big Bang's G-Dragon and his dog.

Big Bang G-Dragon’s Dog

4. 2PM Wooyoung’s Chicken
Wow ....... Members 2PM Wooyoung, apparently likes chicks.ih. .... funny huh!!!!

2PM Wooyoung’s Chicken

5. SHINee Jonghyun’s dog–Roo
That is SHINee's Jonghyun and his dog, but the dog really skinny huh? ........ Hehehehe .............. not skinny, but the dog is still small.

SHINee Jonghyun’s dog

6. Lee Hyori’s Dog—Sunsim
Lee Hyori And the dog too!!!
Wah!!! funny dog ya!!!!

Lee Hyori’s Dog

7. MBLAQ Thunder’s Cat—Dadoong
MBLAQ's Thunder and his cat ........... Hum, Too bad ya!!!! Until her cat in to bed together.

8. JYJ Jaejoong’s Cat—Jiji
JYJ's Jaejoong and his cat
Funnily enough!!!

JYJ Jaejoong’s Cat

8. Big Bang Taeyang’s Dog—Boss
Big Bang's Taeyang and his dog ........ waw! dog also select an r & b also loh!!!!

Big Bang Taeyang’s Dog

9. Super Junior Eunhyuk’s Dog—Choco
Super Junior's Eunhyuk and his dog!!!
funny!!!! Super Junior's Eunhyuk to be willing to buy clothes for her dog.

Super Junior Eunhyuk’s Dog

10. Super Junior Heechul’s Cat—Heebum
Super Junior's Heechul and her beloved cat.
But how similar each has its jae joong JYJ ya!!!!

Aigoo how-how, they are cute-cute right?
Actually there are many kpop idols who have pets but since this seems already full so next time I go aja yah hehehe ...