Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pets Members Suju Ryeowook

If you do not put Ryeowook in second place, I am afraid of the possibility of the entire ELF will parade from street to street to protest. Besides Ryeowook have unusual electronic instruments and sounds that can make people interested. Moreover, supported by a shy and gentle personality. Ryeowook is a gentle and caring, standard as a "house husband", and will adjust your diet and also dongsaengnya hyung, and will pay attention to daily from kakak2nya also adik2nya. As in Japan the Hachiko *, waited patiently for Lee Teuk in the elevator to go down. If you've ever watch "Exploring Human Body ep.13, Ryeowook is the person who is afraid of dogs, even so he still adopting Teunshil and Ddabong because it is better not to let the dog compassionately let alone without a backrest anyone.
Ddabong is a Yorkshire Terrier, although Ddabong very funny, but Ddabong be neglected, and the physical increasingly weak because Ddabong've been living on the streets and become moribund. Ryeowook is keeping Ddabong well, Ddabong fever Ryeowook tried to reduce the heat by fanning, fearing that would Ddabong fever, Ryeowook chose not to use the air conditioning (AC). However, Ddabong was lying on a hospital chair, Ryeowook lowered his head for a long time and did not speak a word. Maybe dkarenakan the news that he was not believed and he (ryeowook) be a shock could not say anything, it is also possible guilt to the point that he could not talk, or maybe there was something in his throat so he did not open his mouth, we can not speculate how Ryeowook feelings at that time, although very short time Ddabong, Ryeowook has paid for it with a feeling that he gave to Ddabong.

Hankyung has 3 children (child? Lho emang cocoa han yak is marriage? Hehe kidding) - Maomao, Rong Rong and Rider. Maomao and rider are both Pomeranian, Husky Rider is kind of healthy cats and nice. From the third, the most popular is the second son, Rong Rong. With a handsome appearance makes a lot of criticism here and there, but a lot of people who try to Heebum Rong Rong (Kim Heechul's precious cat) are animal models that can interact with each other. The fact was Heebum can coexist with Rong Rong is the animals who live entirely as husband and wife Hanchul, Heebum always provoke Rong Rong, Rong Rong always ignore Heebum but if tolerance of Rong Rong already exceed the limit he goes berserk. But Heebum smart, he'll stay away from first and wait Rong Rong Rong Rong feel anger subsides, if it subsides, then Heebum will attack again.

rong rong n heebum

Xiaobian believe when Rider and HanGeng most suitable. Among all animals his care, although Rong Rong has the "Dog Popularity" Rider not only has a handsome appearance as HanGeng, when compared with the handsomeness Pomeranian Rong Rong, more like like the style of government of the Government is soft and hairy.
Husky actually friendly, has a gentle personality as HanGeng, in one episode of "SJ Full House", HanGeng second treat women with very good living, without having to show that he was a big star, and always took the initiative to cook Beijing fried rice for its members. Further, Husky type dog very attentive and sociable, with a nature like that in the area will not be visible teritorynya supervision and will not raise the slightest suspicion of strangers, and will not attack other dogs. Intelligent, gentle, full napsu, and suitable to be used as a faithful partner.

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