Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pets Animal Member Suju Donghae

Always felt that Donghae with comic actor Kudo, "Detective Conan" is similar, with a smart look, especially when in "Full House" to see Donghae playing football in these scenes, Xiaobian very sure of that.
Many say that Donghae is a prince, no one looks a little more like Donghae Donghae, but Donghae temperament like a good neighbor next door, or the like at school, the senior brother cool. But whatever he wanted, the fairies still liked the hardworking Donghae.

Donghae has three dogs, named Bada, Meo, and the Jiuwei Hu *, with a small voice, not too revealed. But Bada and M eo often appear, and very popular in the hearts of the fans. Bada and Meo is a West Highland Terrier, small and has a perfect body size, character gentle, lively, humor can attract loyalty pemuliknya and very cheerful, like a small child who can not grow their own and always sticking to a person, not surprised when Bada and Meo are Donghae favorite.
West Highland White Terrier is a pleasant companion, perfect for a family who loves dogs, has a small body, followed by Scottish Terrier natural character, loyalty and strong determination. They are outside dogs are treated very nice, agility smart, very smart, all of which are indoor pets, faithful, they have meaning and dedication, but also nimble and enthusiastic.
* I'm not sure about that.