Sunday, September 16, 2012

Do not Sleep With Pets

Do not Sleep With Pets
As an employer, you want to pet a well maintained and comfortable. However, do not let them share a bed with you. Because pet diseases can also be transmitted to humans.
Jane Heller, veterinarian at the Charles Sturt University, said that there is always a risk for exchanging bacteria or parasites that can cause disease. This exchange can occur from animal to human or vice versa.

Heller advises pet owners to keep an eye on pets and ensure the cleanliness of the interactions between animals and humans has been quite safe and secure. Employers are also expected to address the wounds caused by bites or scratches pets properly so as not to cause infection.

"For a normal person with a healthy immune system, the risk of disease from pets is low, even if you sleep and exposed to bacteria from them. However this risk can be high for those who have low immune systems such as children, the elderly, pregnant women, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, or those with immune diseases such as HIV, "said Heller, as reported by the Times of India (24/08).

Heller recommends pet owners to always wash their hands after touching their pets. Especially before eating meals. In addition, the prepared food for animals and humans to discriminate and placed in a remote place.

"Nothing should be excessively wary of the risk of disease is transmitted from pets. Yet you also have to always be alert and know how to keep clean so as not to get infected by bacteria or parasites," added Heller.

In addition to maintaining the cleanliness on contact with pets, ensure cleanliness of the body and animal enclosures are also worth noting. Bacteria and parasites can grow in animals are dirty and unkempt.

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