Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pets Members Suju Yesung

Among the members of SJ, Yesung are the most unusual, not just relationships with others, sense of humor is different, then it is understood that he was called Weirdo. With his voice husky, causes Yesung, in Super Junior are many handsome men, feel the eksistensian it is not so pronounced. But, like Yesung (artist of the same name) is the same name, as long as Yesung opens his mouth to sing, you will never be possible to ignore its existence, without Yesung, might not be there SJ.
Yesung the quiet, likes to spend his time in his room with a book or borrow a DVD, the Active Yesung, there will always be a strange idea, and always moving to and fro, or buy nice clothes, she's always underestimated. Maybe it's because Yesung is different from the others, unlike the other members who have cats and dogs are cute, but instead he has a turtle named "Ddangkoma" (if at translate means "small runt"). Ddangkoma and cloud (Yesung nickname) is almost the same, from the eyes, personality, and Yesung have a small voice as well (ie: have you ever heard of a turtle-cia p menciap like a bird?) In episode Yesung revealed: "When I saw Heechul hyung was thrilled when raising a kucuing, I also want to have a pet to kill my sense of loneliness, but I did not expect. when I raised my Ddangkoma added feel lonely because Ddangkoma too quiet ".

Yesung pets

Kkoming, dog recently maintained by Yesung. Photo is a photo of pets besides Yesung.

You know not ... if the blue turtles besides resemble very same turtle mine .... namany little klengo .... hahaha ....
Yesung definitely stereotyped me .... ^ ^ hahaha