Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hollywood Celebrities Special Pets

Special Pets-3
Treating pets like children and even his wife? weird anyway. . but this is what the Hollywood Celebrities do loh
You have a pet at home? Se si love what you guys were the same animal? Certainly not be able to love her nyaingin rich Hollywood celebrities Paris Hilton, Kristen Stewart, Torry Spelling to George Clooney who did treat her pets and even children already wealthy wife. Here Sister summarize some lucky animals were maintained with special hollywood artist.
Special Pets-2
Torry Spelling famous weve really like keep animals, ranging from cats, birds, and dogs, but he also has an unusual pet maintained by celebrities are goats and chickens. Just not the stable, even chickens belonging Torry's ever taken him kelilig streets of LA. Hemm .. tuh definitely very happy chickens.
Special Pets-1
Paris Hilton possess a pet named baby luv, the name was chosen because he thought it was a pet Kinkajou baby the sweetest he had ever met. Kinkajou glance looks like a combination between a squirrel and marmot. Hilton sring luv bring baby to the hospital for a check-up, shopping, or even care for her beloved baby luv it.

George Clooney much more extreme .. aja imagine this guy is considered a pet pig named Max who died in 2006, as someone who had met all his needs, even wedding needs. George Aduhh please deh! it's a pig.
If you liked that Courtney love turtles, for he maintains that animals have a shell that maintains rich rocks. Even this beloved tortoise always with Courtney in the move.
If girls usually love that cute dog. Kristen Stewart actually liked that dog hybrid wolf-like really the same. For the cast of Bella in the film Twiligh Saga, the wolf is one of the sweet animals, although seemingly a little scary. Kris, it is scary!.

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