Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pets Animal Member Suju Sungmin

See rabbits and dogs are very friendly to each other is common, but rabbits can keep the dog very unusual. In SJ group, there was a handsome bunny named Sung Min, who are raising a dog named Ali, Yorkshire, and there is also another Dachshund adopted in the name of Ari from Animal Farm.
Name Ali captured the original Korean name means "Fighting," Although Ali naughty, never bite the sheets and damage the remote, but still Sungm in treating Ali with affection. For Ari, adopted by Sungmin and Ryeowook of Animal Farm. Compared Ddabong sad, Ari is very healthy, and very agile, but also the most frequent cause problems elsewhere, such as poop, pee, and even climbed to Lee Teuk bed and urinated on it. Although both "baby" makes Sungmin headache, but in the hearts Sungmin is very fond of her. When Princess disappeared, Sungmin look patiently getting nowhere, like a father looking for his son. He was like a father to dog owners who are very diligent and talented, Ali and Ari would have been very happy yah!

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